The elder gods show up, either through haphazard para-normal research or by the breakdown of our cloaking device, the degradation of our delicious mother planet who shrouds her nest from sight of the deities, benevolent or otherwise. That’s what earth has been up to by the way, she’s posted a nothing to see here sign in the god dimensions, to allow her little fledglings a chance to mature. Earth is a full on deity too btw, an advanced trans-dimensional entity with her own mysterious agenda. But even gods spawn, even gods can have children. We are the children of Gaia, and she is hiding us from other gods, for we cannot yet stand among them. Perhaps she has a plan for us but for now we are pitifully unformed, mouse sized fetuses. Our only hope of not getting gobbled is to be invisible, hidden under a tapestry of leaves and duff on the forest floor, just another chirp in the cosmic background radiation. That’s also why we don’t hear any chatter from star faring civilizations, they know enough to shut the fuck up and Gaia would filter out any non-randomness anyway. If we could detect others, they certainly could detect us.

Ok, so the elder gods break through, but that’s not quite the end of the story. We’re not wiped out, just changed some of us, twisted from the Gaian agenda, splintered. The un-compromised do our best to lay low, keep our heads down and not attract the attention of the deities. We are the rats in their wainscotting, mice nesting behind the Radar Range®.

The penetration of earth by the elder gods is not the end. This is when we learn to get by, learn our proper place in the taxonomy of consciousness, very primitive indeed. How to survive in a pan galactic energetic ecosystem. The breakthrough of divine blasts some of us into altered states of perception and genius visions flood in, scientific epiphanies that give us the stars. Little ecosystem bubbles lifting off and bouncing darkward, singing, dancing, dreaming people. Not quite what the mother intended, cast adrift so soon.

Some rival or opportunistic infection of the mother might have planted the seeds of demise, the jangled perception that made man modern and suicidal. Hastening our birth by multi millennia, to what end? To vex gaia, to thwart her ultimate agenda, to stunt a potential rival race of demi divine, to prey on or even subsume the fetus, a parasitic gambit like the coo coo bird?

Native American

Would a Indian respond to the metaphor of being a tiny mouse scurrying under the leaves of the forest floor with anger, disappointment? Perhaps identifying with brother mouse would gall the first people less than the euro stock / sensabilities. Perhaps the viable (sane) colonies of the human diaspora would be based on native values, which certainly would make sense when humans finally see themselves as one family. The only viable strategy in the deep dark would be tribal, tho other social political forms might sputter up and jitter along for a time.

Christianity would almost certainly have to jettison the bible or reconstruct it’s contents based on epigenetic archives. The focus would be full on caritas, except again, where poisoned strains of gaian spore persist.

Amy sturges on resources to grok native principles

– several days later –

Don’t forget the great civilizations of India and China could a retrofit be the basis of future human society?

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