Meanwhile, I could have a partner in practice, in tantric sexuality. My usual pattern is to come clean , to spill all my fears and doubts. Another approach is make it until we fake it, and that’s also another aspect to DOG. It’s a happy ending, I mean Gerry is dying (as supposedly we all are), he thinks he has lost the opportunity to be truly intimate and connected with a woman (could these be related) and finally he is trying to live forever. That’s almost me.* Ok, so now I know, of course I knew that. I don’t think I’ve ever flat out admitted it. Joe is me as I will be perhaps and Gerry is me as I am, Christina is women, a flavor of woman that I’ve known – capricious, vulnerable, dangerous, set in motion by forces beyond my ken, influenced by people who may not have my best interests at heart, hilarious, brilliant, courageous, quirky beauty. There is a third approach. To just be present and with her as a fellow being on planet earth. To just enjoy and celebrate what is, whatever it is.

*Almost in that Gerry would settle for a translation, perhaps even a subset of his experience as a human. He is reaching for the mirror, but he may only achieve a snapshot with his uploaded self. How does a uploaded entity have sex, where is it’s (his) penis? If the checksum doesn’t touch 87% of his current cognition, then it self terminates. What would be the point of an autonomous agent that was insane? He knows there’s a risk of uploading this melancholic self, tipping towards depression, but he’s developed scubbers and clarifying routines, highly experimental and theoretical of course, but tested in smaller scenarios. This woman arrives at an auspicious time, perhaps he can enter virtuality whole… or is she a ruse? Could he perhaps have an unknown ally, sending this woman to him at the last minute to facilitate a high fidelity recording? What then would the ally’s agenda be? Two agendas – to bring the daughter of god to earth and match her with a protecting angel, her translated father. Wow, that’s awesome – uncle joe makes God, it’s the jesus myth totally in reverse.

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