I’ve done my kriyas, but my mind is spinning with studio tour ideas.

  1. combat mime – joe and I perform a series of demonstrations, flying jumps through obstacles, acrobatics, perhaps a fight scene.
  2. the comfortable edit and collaboration suite. Lofts and work area can view large flatscreen against stone, dimable windows, decent sound reproduction.
  3. Organic food and catering convenience
  4. low footprint and sustainable – septic, heat, growing
  5. power independence – generator
  6. animation / black out studio
  7. fabrication building
  8. blog and process logs
  9. the whole community through M3
  10. wider contacts nationally / internationally – film festivals
  11. the house studio means very low overhead, life style rather than job, an atmosphere of intimate collaboration and juicy fermentation. Relaxed and productive. Support post team for 3-7 days or longer during summer. Outside spaces become feasible for additional living.
  12. A bed and breakfast for projects?

04-25-14 This could happen after we wrap, along with our self presents. A good time for a celebration, clarity, closure and promotion of the project. Also my philosophy about sustainable creative work and making movies. Dan Kelly, a force to be reckoned with.

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