I am Amber

and I am Braithwhite

We are emissaries from the stars

Salve, emissaries welcome

Are you not surprised to see us?

On the contrary, I’ve been expecting you.

Indeed, how so?

Well, lately I’ve gone mad and so it was inevitable that you or something like you should manifest.

How do you know you’ve gone mad?

The others of my species no longer understand my thoughts and feelings, I am unable to establish basic rapport. Ergo, I am no longer sane.

So you believe us to be a lie you are telling yourself?

I do.

This a problem is, for we are quite real and have made contact with you for a vital purpose.

We require action from you.

I have no problem acting on whatever direction you give, for that is the nature of insanity, to strive against the consensual reality and behave in a singular manner. Following the instructions of disembodied voices…

you can clearly see our bodies

yes as I can hear your voices, neither of these perceptions bodes well for my sanity. Yet I am perfectly willing to accept this state of affairs. What else can I do?

Your attitude is somewhat unsettling. We certainly hoped to secure your cooperation but your rationale

or lack thereof

for moving forward is not ideal

it’s of little consequence however. We know we are real

well of course you do

and tho you doubt the veracity of your perception now, you will know too eventually. At that time you may experience a slight shock

but by then, shocks will be not unfamiliar to you

so there will be pain involved

pain of the sort you seek, yes.


Come now, you know what we mean

You are isolated from your fellow beings, are you not? A result of your madness, your loss of consensual reality, or so you say. Isn’t it possible that you perceive more than your fellow beings? Could your separation be the result of an enhancement?

This is to be expected, now the apparitions tell me I’m better than everyone else, I am special and therefor

unrestricted by conventional mores and accepted ideas



it’s why we’ve come to recruit you

this is so banal. It’s just what I’d expect to experience in my first throes of madness. It’s textbook meglomaniacal bullshit

well, you’ve agreed to follow our guidance

in for a penny

in for a pound

and won’t you be surprised when you find out that you aren’t nuts

but for now, believe what you wish

the next chapter will be the same, in any case

ok, so back to the pain part

joseph campbell said, love is the pain of being fully alive

doesn’t adventure involve pain

so does this involve falling in love

not directly, but perhaps

we’re certainly not setting that up for you

no there’s no time

if you find falling in love efficacious, that’s your call

in achieving the work

which is what exactly. What do you require?

There is a vast universe, chock full of consciousness too complex for you to even comprehend at this stage. They are as gods to you

and some not so nice gods

some downright nasty

think lovecraft

and some wouldn’t even notice you at all, even after they crushed your planet

you could say by accident

there’s a huge spectrum of divinity

for lack of a better word

and you’re people are at the low end


of the spectrum


and here’s the good part

something needs doing

that only a human can do

one human in particular


and well…

we’d like you to do it

and there’s a boon at the finish

typical hero’s journey

and you get to wear a cape

more like a hoodie

a hoodie cape

it’s purple

I’m in

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