why not rhythmic camera movement. There is handheld shake, pans, dollies and zooms, rollercoaster, crane… what about rhythms? Rocking pan, rocking dolly, breathing (dolly and zoom) walking (swing and roll) bouncing, decaying bounce, cyclic rolling on z axis. What could this mean?

As I was saying on the iphone, story is not king, experience is the thing and that’s what story attempts to transmit. We share experience with stories. I am amazing.

A rhythmic demo movie using the rhymatron – pendulum, motorized and hand pushed. A suspended swinging platform (heavy, inertia) with a camera platform below that stays level. Barbells etc. I like the organic flow of gravity, I can level but it still rises and falls while dollying in and out. What if the camera platform rolled on cam rails that matched the swing. Everything besides dolly doable in post unless there’s extreme parallax. Interesting to simulate the mechanics in AE.

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