A nun walks into a bar and says to the bartender, I’m the bride of Jesus and the bartender says well he was here yesterday but I think he flew to Malibu

A ninja walks into a bar and orders a scotch and two donuts, a velveteen rabbit and a half dozen raw oysters. The bartender says, we don’t serve ninjas.

An invisible Oscar Winning director walks into a bar and pushing his designer sun glasses back on his forehead asks the deaf bartender in sign language, what color are my eyes? The bartender doesn’t reply.

A Cub Scout walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he wants to buy some light bulbs. The bartender buys two lightbulbs.

A chocolate chip cookie rolls into a bar and before he can say anything, is dashed to crumbs by a cowboy boot.

Ghandi walks into a bar looking for his milk goat. 10,000 chorus girls ask him for his autograph. Ghandi doesn’t marry any of them.

The starship enterprise warps into a bar and tips a pint of rather tasty stout with the local lads. The rest of the season is canceled.

You and your mom go into a bar and argue over your choice of clothing Eventually she ends up scarfing popcorn and staring sullenly at tennis on the tv. The bartender gives u a conspiratorial wink.

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