Want to know where I stand. How much is done , how much is left to do ?

How much more time? Can we really know when we’ll be done, assuming we can divert enough funds to complete. The rest of the summer? Longer ?

How much more money? Can we assign a price to finishing? The tally continues to grow, can we know how high it will rise? Can we afford to finish? Is the strategy of buying the land and borrowing an extra $50k viable?

What finishing price tag and timeline is acceptable? What is our budget?

2 more months, and $10k. Honest, that’s it.

Finish in the fall is acceptable, October. Sooner would be better.

It matters what we want. Can we meet objectives within budget and time restrictions? What’s important to me now? Now I am practicing getting things done, bringing that which we start to a satisfying completion.

This summer we must finish and achieve most of our vision for the project. Boxes, cabin window, hallway. Purple and water reflection AFTER those goals are met – rotoed, re-shot and composited. Finalize cuts and do the mix in September.

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