Convert my energy into the things I really want to do. Like painting and imagery , what are my preferred storytelling channels. If storytelling is what made humanity a super organism, is it also the basis for expanded consciousness and connection to the wilds? Not necessarily, because storytelling can take us away, disconnect us from the basis of our survival. Unless u believe that we can storytell our way out of ecosystem collapse, and maybe we can. But it’s just a war between competing energies, competing paradigms. So storytelling is not a universal good, unless directed by awareness / connection / compassion. Storytelling must serve.

The archetypes, are they the drivers, the deities, expressions of the energy of the universe? Could they somehow inhabit, enliven a certain sort of story, empower?

What gods am I friendly with? I think I understand how to honor the god of good fortune. Stories and their inherent deities.

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