Visualization is not about the future, it’s about having our life in the now, becoming adept at being open and feeling love and adventure in the moment. Not projecting some about to be, but knowing and feeling what we truly are (want) in the present. Visualizing is experiencing, not simulating or even practice or rehearsal, but being. With all my wonderous potential and perception, just be. Then want and fulfillment together

Think about it, normal orgasms are transient, to get the most we want to know how to stretch them, perhaps stretch them into infinity, where they never started and can never end. To exist as infinite is to have our bliss instantaneously and always. That’s visualization.

There are ways of letting infinity in. physical techniques – yoga, tai chi, sacred foods

I am really comfortable in solitude. I don’t need friends, that’s why i am sought after for friendship. I want lovers and that’s perhaps why i don’t have them. I feel i have plenty of friends… I feel i don’t have nearly enough lovers… attention = perception = what is

Not many people know how to age backwards. I do.

To live with pain teaches us to cherish feeling just plain comfortable. Once we know this, why not just skip the pain?

Think that any system of thought can infallible? How can one camera show every angle? Though profoundly liberating, even science is just a viewpoint. To truly know, we must go beyond systems. This is mysticism.

Sitting in a room is quite boring, meditating, contemplating, even listening to me is a waste of your time. get out and do something, find out who u are.

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