• The universe is energy
Thought is an energy template (mold). It’s a pattern.
• Energy flows into – is attracted to – patterns.
• raw energy – chi, prana, shakti, emptiness, zero point, quanta – flowing into a pattern yields manifestations – matter and experience, situations, events, even poeple. Reality is all potential. Form follows idea – and idea flows from desire
• our attention is our destiny. If we find a gem in the dross then our experience will be gems, not dross. Think about the most, believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest levels and imagine most vividly. This is pattern making, the mechanisms. Think about, believe in, expect and imagine. Projecting outward.
Exploring, discovering and designing our attitude and orientation to existence.

Everything is amenable to visualization, even the very foundations of existence. By honestly observing our patterns and knowing they are changeable – can be removed, replaced, redesigned, upgraded, enhanced until they are manifesting in just the way i like. By analogy, cognitive code to be rewritten until it hums just so.

I can do it.

1) what do i want?
2) feel, rehearse, play with the experience of having, try it out, make it vivid, enjoy the result in advance
3) any resistance, judgement, reluctance, guilt? Examine and deconstruct
4) explore what going beyond the resistance would feel like, free. What if…
5) tinker. start at this level and rehearse. When this is manifesting clear and easy head back up to the earlier proposal and give it a try

Imagine I have everything I want…

• great erections
• sex / deep rapport with the hottest
• the earth is not in danger
• wilderness thrives
• awareness is expanding
• everyone has an opportunity to realize their bliss
• DOG is done and really fun
• archives organized
• strong, fast, agile, flexible, robust, beautiful
• consistantly making transformative art
• experience myself as a joyful, magical, capable, lucky, grateful guy
• gorgeous and integquality women come to me spontaneously

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