Inventory of meta archive
Can i have a local blog
*** August ***
work like mad on DOG until ben goes back
Buy 2 more h16
*** September ***
Finish dog
Schedule colonoscopy
Greenhouse and back room
Rosie tight
Shack sealed
*** October ***
Drawing / painting return
Hobies stored
Rosie snow shelter
Batten down for winter

• Be a productive, inspired, effective artist
• Making work healing earth
• Get organized and maintain
• Healthy, robust, flexible, sexual, strong, energetic, radiant, attractive, lithe, cut, relaxed, empty, balanced, graceful
• confident, present, curious, joyful, courageous, perceptive, loving, lavished, appreciated, respected
• close and connected to remarkable and wonderful friends
• realizing a compelling vision
• deeply spiritual sex with gorgeous, open hearted super heroines
• my 50 th bday, wake up with same, either here at artist house or another auspicious location
• complete trust and honest exchange with 1 woman, the she finally.
• best hard on ever for life, 30 degrees from flat abs
Finish dog, i like it a lot

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