Hard workn

Bottles of emotion
Labels – fear, excitement, etc

Manual for artists
Don’t tske qgood “opportunities”

Next morning

What can i do to improve human knowledge

Why are we fascinated by the human capacity for fascism?

(potential only)

Withdrawn it from their consciousness.

(experienced it first hand)

Capacity for forgiveness and redemption

Sins of their parents
Their children would be cursed

Sticking to anger makes us realize how much more the anger is hurting us more than the other person.

1000 hours of cinema in 1 year.
Anthony mann
Werner Fasbinder – sleeping was a waste of time
His own stable of actors

Werner Herzog no one was on his time – he’s mellowed
Movies that no one would dare to make.
Cassavettes, hitchcock

Not good at Period films – have to change everything

See everything as something else. The moon scene in planet x.

See everything as it is, fully.

Micheal names himself – writer, vim director
They’ll never let us make a film again.

Not sure how i fit into the festival, i don’t fit actually but i give what i can

Paris texas

Ive got to do something that doesn’t fit, there’s no way i can back track and go back to film school, or follow a theatrical path, there’s just no way to be young again and climb up a single ladder. I’m who i am, what i am, where i am, when i am. I must draw upon my now and then with absolute rigor.

Become a student of myself, observe

It’s an aesthetic
european will only watch dubbed
Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper

Mcalla means integrity. she has a cabin in interlochen

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