Dark insights about real life nightmares, what’s being done to us on the sly. Gradually toxified, made mad with chronic low level grief, attrition of allies and the slow annhilation of family. The puppeteers hidden in plain sight, what are those strings on your wrists? Divine beings seeking capital G od. A cosmic joke, god seeks herself. No wonder the bible is such a contradiction, it’s true in that sense. Existence is contradiction. We seek what isn’t lost.
A book like the bible is a form of life, alien dna. Infectious ideas that procreate through earth’s dominant metafauna. Why scan the stars for signals and dream up monsters from space? We are as way out as we are going to, paraphrasing alan watts. We are absolutely invaded and embattled, the aliens are among us. The bible torah koran are alive and it’s not your friend.

5 letters each

Gita, iching 4 and 6. Beware of literacy. We are mostly not our own cells, we are a diverse synergy, an alliance of organisms.

How does any of this help us get laid/feel love/be connected? That’s what people want to know! If we get that the rest is trivia, eh? In our search for what should be so simple, we range far and wide, seriously diverted, wild goose chase. There’s no place like home. 23 skidoo

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