Nothing is everything. That’s what Ru means by emptiness. Literally, nothing… from which everything comes. The emptiness is the source, the beginning of all things is nothing. It’s true in Taoism and physics. The nothing bubbling and then wham, the universe. Is hard vacuum nothing? Certainly it approaches nothing, tho there could be some particles there, nothing is not a lack of stuff, it is the very foundation of being. Surrounded by form, we assume that form is all, reality. It’s what matters. but “matter” is mostly void with sparkles of energy, the void seems integral to the sparkles, otherwise the sparkles could just crowd together, why have emptiness in between? Why do the sparkles need distance, why is the electron distant from the nucleus. It’s the void that makes the electron possible, separate from nucleus, with it’s own unique properties. All the sparkles require void, the big bang allowed the sparkles to differentiate, to be a signature of void, to matter. The void bubbles. The practical application is that my consciousness, my me is an artifact of void, I am born of emptiness. Perhaps nothing equals consciousness, perhaps that’s what consciousness is. Perhaps form channels and focuses consciousness, in effect limiting it’s range.
Rather than trying to feel empty, we just feel ourselves, experience our essence. we are the source of all things – nothing. Maybe feeling myself feels like everything. Everywhere, unbounded, the underlay of all there is. Beyond space and time. What all the sparkles have in common, where everything overlaps. The sparkles don’t share different chunks of nothing -nothing is no or non thing, therefor nothing is simultaneous, mutual, un-located, out of time

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