The reason she broke up with me, why Faisal was acting like a dick, why my friendship with Laura and Philippa ended, why women act like goddamn electric fences around me, why my prostate flared up, why I keep getting sucked into distracting situations… It’s because I’m finishing DOG. I’ll likely loose a lot more if I persist. There’s no good reason for this little movie to cause folks to act crazy around me, unless a) i am allergic to living my dreams or 2) it’s threatening to someone somewhere. Fine, let’s not give a shit. Whoever can stick by me through this process are true allies and warriors. Whoever doesn’t is a casualty of war. collateral damage. Get ready for further carnage. Daughter of God will be completed. I will not give up. There are friends and lovers waiting for me everywhere when I’m ready to really live. When Ive busted through the envelope of this first movie. Until then I’ll experience lack and feel like an almost ran.

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