Roto tasks (once clearly defined by locking down the edit) are first priority, because by having all the roto queued up and concentrating just on that, even if it’s just Jonathan and I, we’ll get very fast. If we have one or two other dedicated roto kids, now we’re talking.

It’s inportant to establish a time budget and be very selective about applying vfx enhancements. It’s enticing to think about ALL the ways the movie could be improved, but trying to do every genius scheme will not result in timely completion, rather it’ll become an endless test project. What’s important to keep in mind as I become more and more fluent with AE is to not get caught up in what can happen, but to think about why anything happens. Maybe its best if nothing happens. the reason we hear notes in music is ’cause there’s silence in between. Of course we always have room for a little slip and slide.

Mind map from 2008, interesting but too spatial, if there was a swimming interface then maybe. Must be mined for content.

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