long line of stalled trucks

a making of or preview video either with dialog or just music that shows everyone involved in primary, secondary and post production, all the places, bits and pieces, stuff that happened along the way…

we’d have to pull all recording sessions that we currently have in archives and then try to relink all the soundtrack files to their corresponding recording session folders, an archeological undertaking.

voice over
I’ve got way more story than i can use

so many vo takes for the trailer, originally quite long and then condensed down. great for dvd extras

more images for VFX, cruise?
0104wn – river 2
*01102L – river 2 (see test 01102L)

00571u – river 2
0058ra – river 2
007889 – river 2
0055ld – river 1
0054vx – river 1
flying saucer over petroglyphs

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