why is bitrate for p2 recordings 46 when uncompressed is supposed to be 100?

VFX timelapse on empire state as light comes up, isolate for water horizon

wyoming forest fire, perhaps flame up of tree for apocalypse or eye reflection

the toilet, seen through a telescope, as if to say, aha, what we’ve been seeking, there’s a beauty. under that, treasure!

using lavaliers – not enough testing, volume low and clothing noise. a good idea but should have been explored more thoroughly

What can I do with this still life shooting style? What can be brought out? … to tell the story. Cut between or unusual VFX that otherwise wouldn’t be visible if these shots weren’t available. on gangplank she’s kicking shells out of the way. The deck is full of sandbags and… gun emplacements?

Could the multiple approaches be different days, revealing more about the surround? what do we establish by seeing her coming home on different days?

snapshots of bad shit like they’re vacation photos, i surfed the apocalypse and all i got was this tshirt

if we are using the still life style, then VFX ought to match. Each still life contains inherent motion. intercutting variations of still life to reveal more of the story (other visual elements) or the cut itself is revealing, how the moment switches

uncle joe and christina are at Phil Dicks grave, that’s where they planted him Christina, like an acorn and if you look carefully, you can see a big tree has grown up here, look up, see we’re the tree? look up Christina, oh We we’re we look great! (adjusting zoom, grave comes into and out of frame, big laughter).

21 gb not 370 gb / hour

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