To do

Pick up tcff media
Laundry soap
Raisin bread
Wrist strap for gopro
Blades for razor
Tank at scuba north

Library online account
M3 august – who?
M3 September, October, November
In the realm of hungry ghosts, Gabor mate

Bear Lake

Clear drives
Reestablish relink main versions

• Identify describe main sequences
• Component combos
• Inventory alternate takes from main acts, what else is there? What might they be good for?
• gather all analysis, publish
• inventory all supplemental material
• inventory essential motion graphics tasks needed
• intelligently contract – to who?
• get down to 3 minutes
• with flow…

Let’s talk 3 versions. There’s a working 3:30 minute core, ready to get sleeky.

Then there’s additional story support, what’s worth adding to deepen, reveal and nuance the story. I want to use the word complicate, but that’s in the sense of going beyond duality, clear cut good and evil, many genders.

Complicate deepen expand. With the uncle Joe bookends were up to 5:20. I’d like to finalize a 5:30 version that stands on it’s own. Then there’s the grail, 12 minutes. Finally, we’ve got 26:40 which wouldl be dramatically influenced by the discoveries of 5:30 and 12:00. 12:00 needs to be confirmed as the ideal festival length, btw. Certainly around or less than 12:00.

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