Job description

Pure service, conscious and deliberate, decisive concentration and creative visualization.

Expect nothing in return either spontaneously or by agreement. Do not attempt to enter into agreements because no agreement can supersede the cosmic agreement, any terrestrial pacts or comtracts are null and void by definition, pointless, unenforceable. Therefor expect nothing – no returns, no recognition (hey it’s you!) acknowledgement… not even appreciation. This is an expression of my own integrity. She has the capacity to understand the service I perform and understand the deep connection between us but i don’t care if she does or more accurately, I expect her not to. What’s apparent is just surface phenomena, the truth is secret by consensus. The truth is impossible to know without ending the whole show. Repeat.

A race of beings detaches from universal flow and maintains an existence outside of everything, they can hardly be said to exist. yet, they can penetrate reality and manifest, in a manner of speaking. They come as thoughts or dreams, a sense of incongruity, a premonition of overriding other. They are not us deeply. In the sense that our personas are not us deeply either, they ride and revise the trivial, perhaps in an attempt to reverse engineer from trivial to the deep. (work back from the logic gates to the project director’s eye color) The transient has it’s roots in the deep, so perhaps they can learn to be masters of our universe, ghost pilots.

[the truth is secret by consensus]

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