Crashing consumer culture
Crushing corporate control
Expanding wilderness
Curiosity, transparency, consciousness

Trickster pictures
apocalypse for the rest of us

Terrorism started out as
Fear of getting blown up
Fear of change ( lifestyle )
Fear of the other

If u are curious, are a terrorist.

Record keeping must be open source. Government records prone to abuse, corruption, political tampering

Anti war activist
International travel problems
Cannot pass a federal background check

Taking back the apocalypse

What seems to be the endgame for corporate control is a catastrophic failure of the life support systems of this planet. Survival requires that we redefine the end of worlds to be an end of consumption, an end to elite exploitation of common resources like air, water and land, an end to fear of the other and an end to lies.

We have been trained to believe that violence and greed are dominant human behaviors, that the human presence on the planet is akin to global cancer. The evidence of manipulation is everywhere – in media, the food supply, the design of our towns and cities. We are not our lifestyles and fashion choices. we are something much more.

If we need a healthy earth to live (and most of us do) then we must do whatever is required to sustain her. Everything that does not contribute to building back the life support systems of the planet is suspect, any personal behavior that is destructive must be ceased.

According to the book of Revelations the apocalypse was “an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom.” We know now that the cosmos extends far beyond our earth, so a literal reading of revelations isn’t all that useful. As metaphor tho, it’s not too shabby. Even after a couple thousand years and a few recent forays into near space, the earth is still all we have. Our local cosmos is certainly headed for cataclysm, but what about god and the ruling powers of evil? The ruling powers might be our unexamined assumptions, our self destructive training to consume, conform and externalize authority. God is us taking responsibility, stepping into stewardship of our home. If God is the source and sustainer of life, then clearly the life support systems of earth are analogous to God. Aligning ourselves with these systems is our best shot at divinity.

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