They’re both named Carl.

Twin brothers seduce and share women. Perhaps one of the brothers is more shy. They meet an unstable girl, and run thier usual routine but when she suspects the truth, the decidedly darker brother convinces the other brother to drive her crazy. They recruit 5 look-a-like blondes from their sordid past to play the other woman in a real life nightmare of blurred identity and impossible multiple exposures. One brother decides he is in love with her, but does he realize too late to save her fragile sanity? There’s an RV, box truck and road trip involved in the climatic scenario, neglegie clad blondes switching off in the round the clock amateur Abu grave.

“It’s our revenge for being almost the girl everyone wants.”

They build a “set” of her apartment inside the box truck, after the “earthquake”, so it’s sealed off from the world. When they go outside, it’s to a different place, the world of the well dreamt past, all those places we wanted to visit and can now in our imagination.

As she crumbles, an undamaged persona emerges briefly which is what the lighter twin responds to.

This persona is able to transport them both to truly fantastic landscapes, beyond mere driving here and there, to paris by jet, under the ocean, the stars! It turns out dark Carl has also experienced her fantastic power, but this makes him even more determined to destroy her. It becomes for him a wrestling with the universe.

They each represent the two Greek philosophies – secret knowledge vs open inquiry or sustainable human inquiry vs elitism, secret knowledge and slavery.

Twins named Carl

Player techniques used extensively during the seduction scenes.

Perhaps mushrooms too. Its a DIY and maker universe.

See cosmos – backbone of the night for refresher and jumping off.”

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