The ender

A loner kid dreams of being capable of single handedly bringing down the civilization that he so doesn’t fit into. He escapes into an alternate persona, the Ender, a government enhanced super warrior who has the “special enhancements” and training needed to do the job.

When the Ender is captured on national TV – to the shock and amazement of the loner – the kid is galvanized into planning and pulling off a unique prison break.

“Of course the Ender isn’t in the supermax, that’s just bait to nab me. It’s me they want. I’ve got to figure out where the Ender really is and restore him. They’ve probably got him thinking he’s some homeless guy… They can’t have killed him, yet… They don’t know about me.. If he and I could link up, that’s what they don’t want.

I had to show myself so u would know what you are. Now you’re the Ender, I was *your* catalyst.

It’s all just fantasy until the Ender turns out to be real.

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