A series of cynical war posters as giant paintings, tee shirts

* Slavery, never out of fashion
* Happy war
The end is nigh, see it on tv
* So were fucked, so what? (Patton)
* My empire right or wrong
Free to buy
Look who’s voting! (factory robot, thumbs up)
* Money = speech, so shut up
Cash is speech but it ain’t free
Cash + speech = freedom
Feed the machine “vol hungers”
* I voted – gun to head
* Death by democracy
Death penalty for voters
* Global warming? Bigger tomatoes! (tits)
* GOD hates whiners
All natural Co2
* Arrest Your Parents
Vote here $1
We’ll be the americans and u be the nazis (Norman Rockwell kids)
So you think you’re a terrorist?
So you wanna be a terrorist?
Supreme court building and word balloon “money talks”
Black or White same shit – war, war, war…
Consume this!
Have a shopping apocalypse
* Jet me outta here!
I dreamed I could fly (747)
Sex is speech!
Got freedom?
But this war is different!
Last call – earth in a martini glass
Fuck the planet, where’s my plane ticket?

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