Maritime heritage alliance
Schoolship Madeline
Very single sucker I interviewed

When i look around, i notice that things are kinda screwed up. whoevers in charge must not be doing such a good job.

I don’t believe in leaders or governments much. I can’t help but notice that things are pretty screwed up generally, so whoever’s been running the show must not know what they’re doing, or else they know exactly what they’re doing. Either way, trusting leaders is contraindicated.

I think things are backward and most folks are pretty confused. Mainstream civilization is a mess

One day I realized that it was time to figure out what to do, on planet earth. Could the future be out there


All the perfect matches finally found each other and healing was let loose in the world.n

Now he owes me a favor. The next time we meet, he can be the killer. That’s the way of things

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