We’ve got 9 days left and half the theater filled. Need more reservations. Meanwhile, the movie.

What I want is a structure to hook everything up. I feel that I need more time with the material, with the chapter creation process. So I know what I have.
(1) DIY rely on ourselves, not experts or governments. We must take responsibility each and every one of us, else we are doomed
Demo – the search, small footprint discipline, hello world’s reconstruction, daily destiny – food, water, energy.
(2) Follow your bliss and get help automatically. Increase the sum total of global health / wealth, become abundant… Me, rich, Dick
(3) present day civilization is not the most advanced, in fact we are getting it wrong all over the place. Stepping out of the idea that we are the pinnacle of achievement on earth helps us to become more open to what doesn’t work. Capitalism, competition, consumption are all really bad strategies when applied globally. Our arrogance is deadly.
(4) time is variable, our need for speed is an overlay that disconnects. Presence in the moment is relaxing, effective and beautiful
(5) what’s plan b if the fuel runs out? What do the basics look like in a low energy lifestyle? Food, water, shelter…
Demo – pumping water, out of alcohol – sprouting, warmth (charlevoix)
(6) old is the new new… Sacred Earth, schooners on the great lakes, trash picking and reclaimation/reuse, time intensive, low embodied energy, living simplier and richer existence.
(7) this is a user’s manual for those of us who intend to keep going, to find a workable strategy for being human. It’s not a plea for sanity, it’s a course on how to have more fun than you’ve ever imagined. DIY life.
(8) strife makes us more when we are attentive and open.
Demo chris and Tanya, me
(9) consumption is killing us. It can be dismantled – if each of us finds and faces our own addiction.

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