You men are all the same
If I’m angry you’re to blame
I’ve never felt so ashamed
U men are all the same

U men are all the same
All you think about is Sex
Who you want to sleep with next
u never wait for me to come
And I never have any fun
you men are all the same

You outted my secret dreams
Like some avante garde artist meme
Now everyone in new york
Suspects that I’m a dork
You men are all the same

Every day I bust my ass
Since u pissed away our cash
And put life on the skids
Not to mention our two kids
Daddy’s not really insane
U men are all the same

It’s every woman’s trial
To walk the extra mile
While men only suck thier thumbs
compulsive liars or just plain dumb
testosterone poisoned brains
You men are all the same

646 8087432

Macvideo for dedo…

less emphasis on married women 3000 miles away, even if she is/was my true love. We’ve had our clock cleaned in the first round of that battle, didn’t even suspect we were at war. 20 something years later, discover that our memorys were distorted, changed. We were deliberately kept apart. Now she’s entangled in her own self conception, so wound up and snared she can hardly move. A jacked up marriage and two kids, all the trouble with hardly any of the benefits. All she has is her work, her bliss. How the forces move against us with barely a hint. To keep the whole planet in thrall. I won’t forget what has been done to us. I may be able to lend her a hand, but our youth was squandered, she has children by another man, and she is suffering without support, the will to remake. I fight on alone too, without my match, my ally. That’s what they’ve made of this world, a desolate battlefield behind all the colorful plastic and glittering chrome. Taken our joy, made us forever wanting and incomplete. Or so they schemed. I return, transforming, unexpected. knowing shall be my solace and not a curse. I can never die knowing why, rather live with life and open, open, open up.

Know that just as we are tool users, we can also be tools. If we deny and ignore this possibility, then surely we will be implemented towards unfortunate ends. If we recognize and enhance our utility, then we become agents of consciouness.

What has happened? She has hurt me, telling me I am wrong to believe in her. More than that, that I am a fool to believe in her. if she thinks so, it must be true. Over and out.

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