flying down to PR for the peace and sea and love of the earth before it’s all gone, washed away, baked, burnt etc. I heard last night that it’s happening even faster the icecaps are melting way ahead of schedule. my little movie seems so trite and pointless after all that, for sure within another 6 months, apolcalypse is going to be no joke. i thought i’d be a decade ahead of the curve but looks like i’ve got about a month to lay this out.
then there’s the possibility of reconfiguring the project into something else again. deconstructing and reassembling, making it something within something else. as seen over a frayed wires.
– cliches
— voice over
— prologue
— dream sequence
– post future TV series
– intercut
news flash, I can’t even watch the versions cause something is fnugged with the audio. so i didn’t even bring them with us. shoot. so maybe I have to take a vacation from the project.
i don’t think i have to accept faisal’s vision. in fact, i need some salt grains here. if he thinks it sucks and i don’t, then that’s a matter of opinion. i shouldn’t have a crisis about this project now, the short version works and perhaps he has something to offer in review

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