core / life master / 2008 / december / December 9 (12-09-08)
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and no help forthcoming on the movie, though there is still two days left. the least of our problems. we have no problems actually. prostatitus has diminished in intensity and i have a plan for completion that might just work. The question is can I ready it by the end of January, that’s the rub. I don’t want to be going all the way into february, i am seriously concerned about the amount of fuel left. mental and emotional fuel. Boosting the fuel is essential. I don’t want to work though this in a state of apathy or worse frustration.
the current question is – i have 3 minutes of exposition, where do they go? Coming in at 9:00 minutes for act 1 and 2 but some meat’s got to go back on 2, we haven’t really completed the surgical possibilities there either. the music video exposition could move to the middle, where she comes aboard and we see the scenery, then we go back to her getting dressed, the main thing is to wrap an edit by thursday and then invite some eyes to have a look.
else we have super rapid exposition in the beginning with found sound, leading up to the phone ringing and then her, maybe some more radio broadcasts to tie into the dressing scene. totally loose the boat entry…
there seems like there could be some magnificent way of putting all the pieces together.
edit plan locked
rapid exposition at start
exposition during changing sequence

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