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story fragment idea, non reproducible results, rationale for magic, miracles, religious efficaciousness

been listening to richard dawkins, and two things – 1) reproducible vs non reproducible results and 2) stories are cool because i can have characters say things that i would like to say, except they take the chances, not me.

– the universe of science is all about reproducible results, laws that work over and over again. a given set of circumstances and a given expected result. but what if the universe had chaos as well as laws. what if with a given set of circumstances, the same thing did not always happen? perhaps the universe of the reproducible is occasionally interpenetrated by a universe that is not governed by the same laws or any laws at all. perhaps the mind can bridge the gap between these universes and that’s what we know of as miracles, god, etc. the mind causes interpenetration and then events happen which can not be reproduced. the mind’s ability to cause this interpenetration is called faith, believing in silly things can be useful, belief and faith are states that suspend physical law temporarily and restructure reality. faith and belief are powerful, and science is a form of belief as well. If a scientist is certain that miracles are hokum, then that is a powerful reality mold and nothing beyond physical law can happen. however, those who are not indoctrinated with the truth of science can on occasion defy physical laws, bridge time and space, etc. that’s the mystics way, it’s the world of the irreproducible.

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