core / life master / 2008 / august / august 9 2008 (08-09-08)
story, story ideas, what flashes on the screen during a channels surfing session, how to make a demo reel
next project – channel surfing. a couple of hundred super short vignettes, bits of future projects all strung together. an experiment. can there be narrative there? I once told mike that his late night channel surfing was like a performance piece, that he was improvising montage. editing on the fly by memory using a concentration-esque approach, sort of knowing what’s going on on all the channels and composing something out of them. that could be one of the programs.
how about the future history of humans. The entire canon of Dan Kelly films. What’s the point of images? Could it be a feature?
— kissing round
— science fiction soap opera
— explosions
— crashing spaceship – extended version
— other folks I like
— vignette design
— moving paintings or watercolor movie or animated storyboard
— he repeats himself, three times. it’s so annoying
— working out all his past angst in this project. i don’t want to be involved with that
— too violent
— too tame
— martial arts and stepping into the cosmos
— martin luther king and malcolm x coalition government breaking into our universe to make it right
— everyone knows that blacks are strong and competant, white folks lead by guile and treachery. your society is a crystal prison
— we live in a consumer culture, and that’s ok – record this discover card commercial with video hijack or whatever.
— general plan

general plan
— pick several themes that are the key dk themes, or could be key dk themes
— brainstorm on those themes
— themes could be what i think matters, what i think is lovely or horrific, in other words they could be driving at something or merely radiant observations
— got to believe i can do it too, that all this is worthy and fun
— how they fit together telling us something about the nature of where we are at or…
— how we get to a utopia, what that might look like or…
utopian visions catalogued, what would be swell…

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