core / life master / 2008 / august / today is august 4th, 2008 (08-04-08)
plan, rationale, vfx, story, flaws, festivals, unrealistic predictions, learning curve, motivation

another day on the red hallway of dog, masking. i almost feel that to go to all this trouble without adding something out the window is ridiculous. but no, it’s a story issue. if it serves the story only. distracting image flaws do not serve the story. another reason to wipe these image flaws is to remind ourselves about what’s needed on set to get it right the first time. yet another reason is to present the best possible product to the festivals, so there won’t be any chance to nitpick and the project can be judged based on it’s story and not it’s beginners mistakes.

we truly are finishing this project. I feel the process beings us to a place of exhaltation, of becoming evenmore alive than ever. i believe that this process both requires and creates bliss, that i can grow my bliss purposefully here. it’s waiting and what am i waiting for? is life supposed to get great tomorrow or the next day? after some arbitrary goal has been realized – whoo hoo? life can be great now, I know how to do this, I know how to live. the more vital i make my life, the more fun i experience then there will start to be people available to invite in and share it with. imagine more than one or two… i’m talking about people who I would be tickled to share with, who I would be honored and so turned on to invite in.

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