core / life master / 2008 / august / today is august 8, 2008 (08-04-08)
unrealistic predictions, realistic evaluations, learning curve, speed, completion, rotoscope, team
already august 8th. good god. how can i move through these scenes and finish them. it’s terrible that this is taking so much time. there must be a way to make more progress. yesterday i realized i had been masking the normal speed version of joe’s turn, a difficult mask i’ll have to repeat. i want to be done completely with red hallway before next wednesday. holy keyframes. I’ve got to move faster and i’ve got to stay motivated somehow. on top of all this, I’ve got to find the woman who was in my dream last night.
well that’s my morning rant. a team my friend, a team of players who are all good at what they do to make movies together. my crew – where are they? they are waiting for me to finish this so they can be inspired. a vision articulated they can sink their teeth into.

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