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greetings dan kelly
this is a rousing inpirational lecture intended to rouse and inspire me. the only thing that would really – no strike that, getting laid would be wonderful, but there aint no viable options for that so let it go. goodbye. what’s for dinner is a movie, and it’s not quite the end of july we got two whole days left before it’s over and done. then august will be here. 3 more weeks before we go a galavanting hither and yon. 3 more weeks. not nearly enough it seems. are we going to let this go on and on into september? october? then three weeks in september before we go to san juan. yikes. shut up talking to people, let them read the updates. that’s all. words chosen too carefully.
In the last installment, I discussed relighting the red corridor. I’ve done several tests so I know that there is a look I’ll like, that this effect is going to work. Following stu’s order of operations, I’ve stepped back to fixing image flaws and adding visual elements like box labels, posters etc. The red corridor requires significant motion graphic intervention, so it’s a good place to start.
I’ve applied my limited knowledge of after effects to rebuild the reaction shot of c as she opens the door for joe. The cabin window behind her did not have CTO applied to match the tungsten lights used in the shot. Also, though a polarizer was taped to the glass, the waves outside are slightly overexposed. multiple NDs would have been the trick.
My approach to this situation may not be ideal, but it seems to work. We can get more technique savvy later.
I’ve broken the image into 5 layers. The new ocean background, the window opening and surrounding wood trim, the shoulder of christina that passes in front of the window and wood trim and the door frame, (which eventually will have some red light falling on it when I get to re-lighting. The rest of the scene is just in front of the background.

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