movie plan

1 what’s most important to learn right now?

1.1 what’s most important to learn right now?

1.1.1 acting

1.1.2 camera operation

1.1.3 solid sound recording

1.1.4 taking poeple and objects into new contexts (undressing patricia in grand central)

1.1.5 simulating expensive, illegal or impossible events, situations

1.1.6 realizing images that are in my head (patchwork leather horses)

1.1.7 sneaking a camera into the universe next door

1.1.8 creating whole cities, planets and universes, an unfettered imagination

1.1.9 paintings in motion

1.1.10 working with models and miniatures

1.1.11 casting and directing all types of talent

1.1.12 martial arts, action

1.1.13 musicals, song, dance

1.1.14 free flowing action – steadicam

1.1.15 erotic and connective

1.1.16 rapid vinettes, quickly realizing simple stories

1.1.17 story telling

1.1.18 humor

1.1.19 all the pieces of the puzzle… what are they, can we make a map?

1.1.20 my approach – not just to make movies, but to live them. to live the life of a martial artist, super hero, warrior revolutionary, lover, visionary, mystic etc. It’s a little like that Jack Lemon movie, where he draws his strip based on pre-enactments. Except the movies will draw from my actual experience, will explore the issues i encounter as i “make a saint”, as me and my teams go up against the black iron prison and save the world. buckaroo had his own comic book, I’ll have my own films. does his yellow submarine really exist? how about the secret island? did he actually do that just now, or was that an effect? it’s a golden submarine, water and metal – ahhh.

1.1.21 I’ve had enough experiences in my life to point the way, this whole movie making thing follows the flow into mystery. i can do all the things other filmmakers do, raise funds, market etc but my objective is activism, awakening, surprise. propaganda for the evolution, for the adventure. to have a blast and see if there is actually any limit to what i can accomplish.

1.1.22 also, paintings that move. I feel there’s a technique that can be discovered. matte painting and everything else

1.1.23 the movies are practise and research for the real thing and vice versa

1.1.24 idea for visual effects test 02-05-09 warrior’s tunic is slashed in sword fight, excuse to reveal his rippling chest and torso. also revealed is the zipper that encircles his abdomen, from pelvic bone up and under rib cage and back down the other sound. he stops in the battle and grabs the zipper. switch to POV of warrior looking down, he grabs the zipper tag and pulls it open holding his abdomen closed as he goes. All around and at the end he is holding lightly closed with both arms. Letting his hands release, the abdomen flaps open revealing a great light shining within. he withdaws an object, perhaps a plastic doll or carrot. how to do it… warriors abdomen has red line drawn in where zipper will be replaced. a red cloth bag is sewn matching dimensions of abdomen, two shots are made, one with bag and one with abdomen being unzipped, then the two are composited. the front shot of sun is a simple straight shot with the abdomen pealed away and a cavity matted in.

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