core / life master / 2008 / july / 7/3 today (07-03-08)
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I’m clocking for the big finish. I need an extended keyboard. perhaps i could go to bh for that, or just the apple store. main thing is to start living this movie 24/7. There’s nothing else. Everything else depends on it. How great it will feel when it’s finished. Here’s 5 things I’ll feel when it’s finished and 5 things I’ll feel if I don’t finish in the next two weeks.
– finished
— relieved
— time for a vacation
— get to show it
— time to enter festivals and travel!
— time to meet new actors and crew
— do the making of and consolidate all my notes and thoughts!
— update website
— release two movies at once
— next travel movie
– not finished
— lonely
— unproductive
— ineffective
— easily distracted
— stifled and blocked
— embarassed
— burnt out
— distracted
— not credible
so onward. I’ve got to make the most of this day. Sound preparation, every detail in order. Sunday 4 hours next door? Then 9 – 4 at the natcave? we’ll see.
the list
– call nat of nat cave
– schedule time across the street
– keyboard
– sound gear

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