Personal Airship 200 lbs lift 4000 cf
10 x 10 x 40

Duet Airship 500 lbs lift 10000 cf
15 x 15 x 50

Amz r stupid cause corps control intake and choice. Who complains about gov insures thier slavery. America is great in the sense that the entire nation can be pointed like a gun, this way then that, towards ends that do not serve the people. The lie of democracy persists, despite the evidence of experience and the rapid decline of communication, quality, and justice. It’s deception and manipulation unprecedented in rec hist. Perped by so called owners over most everybody else. On some level we know this. The fault is our own to the extent we supress our truth because we don’t feel we deserve anything better. Slavery is a state of mind, and America is it’s most succesful implementation. Slavery never ended.

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[approx 06-08]

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