core / life master / 2008 / june / AE (06-00-08)
mark coleran interfaces in movies
– mark coleran
– formal discipline chi projected
– types
— realistic
— augmented reality (sorta real)
— fluff or good looking nonsense
— visual systems or HUDS
– unix flavored clones
– character of the good system vs the bad system
– mostly set dressing, just crap on the screens
– breakin a lo of rules, doesn’t have to work, if it’s too long it will get cut
– pencil!
– everything i’ve done before
– print portfolios and flip through them – great idea!
– burn the layer effects in and save as a seperate file otherwise recreating those filters in AE will be unmanagable
– use debabelizer to force the palette of the movie to 256 – allows flexibility on set.
– outputs only movies, not actual working interaction – doesn’t do director and flash
– the interface is puppeted and run backstage by the operators monitoring the actors and set

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