core / life master / 2008 / May / (between 5/3 and 5/13 terrorist training) (05/13/08)
visual sketches, terrorist training – story theory, artistic vision

with the haunting battle choral track of LOR (Lord of the Rings) in my head, i envision series of videos to illustrate the dire situation here in las unitas estades. the words of the constitution as a great fortress, freaks running to defend the walls. multi-racial couples, too long have you tried to be safe america, hiding from the enemy, denying the enemy. now they are powerful. who is the terrorist? you are the terrorist.

those who choose safety over freedom deserve neither. who is the terrorist? you are the terrorist.

i see mouths speaking the words of the alter earth, the utopian earth, the could be and possibly against the now and the about to be. america, you are tested. the flag and the constitution – why do they hate us? because we kill them. the flag is not sacred, it is a symbol. what does the flag stand for? for some americans it used to stand for this (show – words, ideas, the constitution) now the flag stands for this (show – war, torture, hate).

it’s the vision of the now vs a roddenbery utopia. how do we get there? america had these ideas, but the rich made us stupid so now the ideas are hollow. the mess we are in vs where we could go.

the rich make us stupid, the wealthy and powerful are jealous. they don’t want to share. for them, there’s not enough to go around because they want it all. they never want to run out.

who are the terrorists? we are the terrorists. words as armor, the ideas we embody make us strong or not, the principles we practice make us more than human. one can be enhanced by ideas, and that’s one way – the way of conflict, the grand game between black vs white. gandalf the white rejoins the game. an idea can be embodied and change the world for better or worse. americans have no ideas to embody. all ideas are bunk, that’s the message. ideas don’t matter, status matters. you are ranked by what you control.

but what i might practice is not believing but experiencing. what is my experience. know them by what they create. if they create fear, then they are to be feared. if they create courage, then they are courageous.

i am attempting to become a wizard of imagery, a shaper of dreams and a waker. I want to shape your dreams and wake you up. what is my role in this new world. getting older and learning the way of the warrior. i may yet have a role on the actual battlefield, this is a distinct possibility. but i’ve been training all my life to be a wizard. a warrior wizard. these seem cliches rising from a recent viewing of the trilogy which will in the future seem a trite and superficial treatment when the effects age (green ghosts – bah!) but it’s workable. and what sort of wizard am i? an image wizard, a story wizard. a cognitive adept. the mind hack attempts to find the path of the mentat, my path is the dream shaper, reality developer, art of life. how to live, what to experience. the mystic, a celebrant of mystery.

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