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terrorist training rationale, unconsumption – project promotion

terrorist training is an idea like fire department, a fire department handles fires, it has the tools and expertise to do so. Fire Department professionals can recognize fire hazards and act to prevent them. So to with terrorist training. Take the destruction of the twin towers for example – whether you believe it was alquada, an inside job or some combination of the two, the poeple who were inside the twin towers are still dead. It’s clear that people can’t expect governments to protect them from terror, they have to learn to protect themselves. They also have to learn to recognize terror sooner and act to prevent it.

Now, terrorist training films has a unique approach to this. It’s pretty clear there’s a link between consumerism and terrorism. Terrorists hate freedom and in america that means the freedom to consume. so if Americans roll back consumption, if we learn to enjoy lifestyles that aren’t defined by consumption, then the terrorists will be neutralized. Consumerism feeds terrorism, so i say we don’t need freedom to consume but freedom from consume. Americans don’t have to be consumers, we can be citizens and wipe out terrorism in the process. and that’s what terrorist training is all about.

Our governments approach to protecting us is by restricting our freedom in general what with the patriot act and all. Our government just wants us to shut up and that’s an approach that just doesn’t get a the root of the problem, speech and privacy is not how we define freedom in america. in america, it’s the bling, the nikes, the lexus, the wieght watchers meals the coke and the smart water. that’s what terrorists are after, it’s what gives them their power. the terrorists hate our ability to use products. they hate that we can choose what to buy. well maybe we don’t need to buy so much, maybe we can find freedom in making things rather than buying them, or cultivate the freedom to grow things, or just enjoy the freedom to do nothing

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