Prayer and visualization work because unconflicted desire is a pattern that energy flows into. If a distinct pattern or template or shape persists, energy will continue to go there and reality will shift accordingly. Chi flows into the well of unconflicted desire. This is the science behind the efficacy of faith. Humans adhere to religion because in some circumstances it’s an effective tool for shaping reality. Can the chains of religious AND rational certainty be slipped with a new perception? New age was sloppy. What is wanted are hacker mystic warrior tricksters. Curious playful adventuring and powerful. A race of planet saviors. Before the spacefaring age gets underway, rather than a cancer rising out of the earth, humanity

Organized religion means that folks subscribe to an orthodoxy arbitrated by or defined by a recognized authority, external to self. Perhaps the patterns are deeper when many manifest them. OR might provide a good return on investment for the majority who are, wired up for procreation. Misfits (read mystics, shaman, exemplars, malcontents and monsters) are wired up differently – procreation is not their primary motivation. Anyway, subscribing to a ready made system provides reality shaping tools without the heavy investment required by a personal quest or hero’s journey. The very existence of OR points to a survival advantage. Who has offered an explaination? What is the function of OR in behavioral evolution?

Not sure what I am so I’ll leave it to those obsessed with category to fit me into my proper slot. Consciouness and energy blur into matter, all substance is more than suffused with consciousness it is consciousness.”, (has consciousness/is consciousness – semantics.) Matter is a pattern of energy that persists, a standing wave. Thus could god be ever present, for it (god) is the totality of consciousness that we participate in. Or not. We are god to the extent we perceive our selves, open up to our full story, relax.

Science is a religion based on fact TM

Athiests for Allah TM

Evangelical humanists. Missionaries to the ignorant, freeing perfectly good minds from the tyranny of ancient dogmatic menes, devastating thought plagues. where is the L. Pasteur of ideas?

Symptoms of infection by or.

Why does god reward faith? Faith or belief is a form of unconflulicted desire see above

Where the cosmos is malleable

Fascinating to take in dawkins w/ cambell, watts, eu, swami, shakti and dan Kelly. I have experience of supra physics and that’s my starting point. He’s addressing my q about survival advantage but nothing compelling as yet

Iknow what works, laughter energizes the circuits, beliefs determine reality. There’s more to discover. Emptiness. Relaxed. Enjoyment and delight in the creative process. Thrill of adventure and excitement in discovery. Gratitude in achievement. All elements. Engaged persistence flowing from clarity and consciousness – desired outcomes vs current results.
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