Based on a true story…

Cliche cosmos, om buzzing voices in chorus. Terrestrial and other. There’s god. Sings, “it’s boring being god.” lyrics I made all the cosmos, i handled all creation, from black holes to bacon. A plethora of stuff from waterfalls to snuff but somehow it’s not enuf it’s boring being god “Mighty omnipotent me.”

Real love song sans bullshit schmaltz. Contrast to “I met a new friend”

Cognitive release – the “scientific” Buddhism. Perception reveals reality creation, imagine that by showing recognizing the mechanisms, the question arises who/what is it that sees these mechanisms? Then release. Koans are that-an arresting revelation of the limitations of language, the edges of thought. That which goes beyond itself. An example of something easy to carry around that requires no power.
The storyteller shows the outline of another gestalt, carves the energy template into which flows the joy and passion of others.

We don’t have to know how to make it all work, there would be no collaboration then.

Writers trigger a cascade of action. Its a ditch in the sand into which the entire ocean goes. A tricky ditch that doesn’t melt. fiction to fact if the fiction is compelling enough. Art / magic. This is what arthur c clark was talking about.

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[date approx 05-08]

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