core / life master / 2008 / april / 4/28/08 (4/28/08)
plan, progress, AE, camera technique
what do i want to experience today?
ae knowledge
plan for film revised
check to jonathan $500
police report just noticed it missing about a week ago
get inventory from BH
new hard drive
try again – this is what i want to get done, bbut what do i want to experience today?
comfortable with client deliverables – laura, tommy, dana, patricia
client work takes an appropiate amount of my availability (no more)
excited about progress on DOG
feeling comptetant on equipment upkeep, attentive to maintenance and replacement
adventure of dealing with the authorities
this is what i know about catching dance on camera. traditional documentation – in a large group there’s not much to do but stay wide. zoom and pan following the breathing of the overall composition, expanding and contracting. the peripheral dancers always in frame, they are edge of the composition. when a monitor has title safe, it would be wonderful to make it very very subtle. in the future, keep a roll of scotch tape and use that. i hate (on the hvx) that i can’t keep my iris settings on screen and not have the fucking color temperature on all the time too. that’s dopey. probably i need to figure that out, it can’t be the design. what really worked for saturday was a little hands on practice and play that day. everyday something in the days leading up to a show. i shot airplanes and chix in the garden. played with panning and zooming. also rehearsal if affordable. on sunday i came up with an interesting excercise – pick members of the audience and zoom in and out between 1 seat and then 2 seats back or to the left or right. do like 10 of each until each move and zoom is luscious and smooth. of course map out the stage with the same technique, going from left corner to right corner, center, down stage then upstage with various combinations of zoom in and out. if there’s a chance to put some objects on the stage all the better, then practice varying composition with the objects. another excercise is just accelerating and deaccelerating the zoom ring. chops chops chops. then find soccer games or kids doing stuff at the park, and try to anticipate what they are about to do.try shooting a little something everyday.

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