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plan, motivation, strategy

[snip] what do i want to experience today? peace, insight, achievement, competance, discipline, progress, intelligence, creative agility. i am looking forward to my time with AE, [snip]

[snip] what do i want to experience? i want to make it happen – i wrote this without really thinking and then erased it, but what does it mean to make it happen? to finish the movie for starters. to accomplish that, finish the two year+ project. [snip] goals objectives but not things and events, but experiences. what do we want to experience? imagine opening the movie to a select group of benzie friends at the mills new theater. what about that would be fun? rather than map out specifically the buffet arrangement and telling everyone exactly what to bring, it’s enough to know that there will be a buffet prepared by my excellent friends. i leave it to them to make it amazing, which surely it will be if i know them.

doing today
– camera practice
– tai chi
– prep

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