core / life master / 2008 / april / 04/26/08 (04/26/08)
plan, story theory

today is another day, and whatever else happens, i propose to

– practice with camera, it’s kinesthetic confidence and preparedness until 4:00

– sound for DOG

i am electricity. i am iron. i am all these energies and substances. they must have some kind of consciousness, different from mine perhaps but i am their kin. we are all alive. and so knowing this, perhaps i can speak to metal and electricity just as i feel i can connect with trees and earth. damn! I feel my interface expanding. and think of the matter at hand, the camera. can i unify with my camera as i unify with my beautiful car? can i suffuse that entity with my consciousness and collaborate with it. the reason i am not in control is that everything has an agenda, i can influence their agendas to a greater or lesser degree, but i would have to entire stop the world game and end the big show by becoming god, and then everyone’s agendas are moot as well as mine. the only way to control everything is to end the show, walk on stage as god undisguised, turn up the house lights, close the theater. that’s the set-up. getting control ends my own agenda, it’s the end of the game. the trick is to have lots of control but leave the good stuff alone.

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