core / life master / 2008 / april / 4/1/08 (04/01/08)
on training fighting alone

There are some things i am hearing that don’t make sense, meaning that why am i the only person who gets it? they have attacked me clearly and upon my response the future of earth depends. if i only cower and lick my wounds, what armadas of hate will waft up into the stellar stage? the awakened are wounded through sickness and trauma, but we must wear our warrior aspects even so, for there is no convenient time to fight. there is no easy war. ignorance is nigh, a great horror show is in progress and we who arrive early to the performance glimpse the lights and the costumes. oh america, what you have embraced will now tear your guts out.

shall i build an ark? a weapons cache? train and take care friend, we must stand alone until the battle, we must train alone.

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