core / life master / 2008 / march / 03/26/08 sound finishing (03/26/08)
notes, sound finishing workshop

– organizing the stuff you want getting rid of what you don’t want
– like elements together, organize tracks by category
– foreground, midground, background? priority of the scene
– quality of the sound
– quality of the mix
– voice over get rid of breaths etc.
– dialogue edit
— going though elements- continuity and contrast where appropriate
— cutting between one angle and the next each angle on set has different sound qualities
— butt cuts when two characters are talking on the phone (different locations)
— bouncing tracks from left to right for scenes changing
— budgets 50k down
— $200 mix, $250 record, $750 edit
— package deal
— what am i learning about here? still want to know what a finish is…
– 5.1 surround
— center channel dialogue
— l and r front for music
– what is the mix
— calibrated
— stereo speakers
— picture editor prepare
— breaths out of the voice over
— aiff only
— room tone loaded
— break out list
— handles
— tone and pop at start and end
— 29.98, 29.97 huh? film, etc. what did i do? am i screwed? what variables come into play?

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