core / life master / 2008 / march / 03/25/08 (03/25/08)
plans, foley, silence
prepare for bathroom recording
the plan for foley is as follows. since we can only work consistently in the early AM, our plan is to go to bed early, sleep from 10:00 – 2:30 and then work until the construction starts. that means getting the stuff that would keep fab awake done during the day in the brief moments of quiet that we can steal. so meanwhile, we can prep the soundtrack file so we know just where to go and for what…
was set at .48
there’s plenty to do during the day…
– catalog all changes and prep in soundtrack
– organize the project by track
– adjust prerecorded material – changing sequence, bra snap, popcorn
1:30 finished organizing act I for foley
setting up ST loops

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