core / life master / 2008 / march / 12 (03/12/2008)

riffs on my life’s mission, pre enhancing global consciousness to steward and expand the wilds, DOG supports

so my two favorites are
– sharing the rapture of a trip on the mothership
– enabling sustainable bliss (to undo consumer culture)
which could be combined thus
– sharing the rapture of a trip on the mothership (earth)
— how is this done exactly?
— by incarnating sustainable bliss
— playing the human game professionally
— leaving breadcrumbs and documenting hacks and cracks along the way
— what’s the outcome?
— the collapse of consumer culture
— utopian (best for all) in consciousness and society
— wilderness restoration and the like (life support restoration)
— a worthy galactic collaboration
– mission (bliss): sharing the rapture of a trip on the mothership
– how do we discover design our mission? follow your bliss. what’s your hearts desire? what makes us feel great, what do we enjoy? there’s lots of things, so for fun find a guiding statement that covers the lot of it. our bliss is our mission. why do i paint? to experience rapture AND to share too.
– so the point of all this is we have a mission, it’s quite general. but it points to the moon fairly well. it’s what makes me happy. it says what i am about. rapture has funky connotations as regards christianity. ecstatic, ecstasy is a little much, though it’s true. what would be great is a world that means super attentive that doesn’t have a neg or pos slant.
– sticking to rapture for now…
– notes – a mission is not an all encompassing statement that can contain or explain everything that I am. no sentence can do that. it’s a pitch, a door slightly ajar leading to a mysterious room. it’s a shorthand, the poem, the finger pointing to the moon.

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