core / life master / 2007 / january / 1/6/07 (11/6/07)

movie revisions, climbing the movie making learning curve, being prepared

so here are some thoughts about the movie. the second act needs attention, many solutions to find. there’s soft focus and trim trim trim. my first effort will be to just cut the fat off, actually first i had better find takes where the focus isn’t soft. That’s pretty important. i trust that they are there. why perfection on set? because if you are gonna take the time to get all the poeple and gear together, to rehearse and answer all the questions, well then you’ve got to go for it. later on when one is assembling the raw material into a story, there are decisions to make! there are always moments for crazy improv, but the edit shouldn’t be mostly crazy improv, eh? holes in the sequence speak to planning before and performance on location. one reason to follow through on a project (aside from believing in it) is to refine the planning and preparation, to clarify vision next time. to identify what we don’t know.

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